Whac away, get rid of some anger and win discount!

The fall is banging on the doors in the Northern hemisphere. As we are getting comfy inside once again, it is time for some entertainment. As you might expect from us, around this time of year, we would like to present an interactive game to win your own discount.

The last few years we had our ‘UsenetBucket Casino‘ open for business, which gave you the ability to win your own discount. This time, we would like to present our UsenetBucket Whac a “Mole” game. Are you getting tired of our “over-polite” Customer Support Team? This is your chance to get rid of some anger and win some discount while you are at it.

Not only does this game contribute to any “anger management” problems you’d might have, it will also provide a chance to win discount.

As of right now until the 21st of October 2016 (18:00 CET), you are able to play our Whac a “Mole” game and win some addition discount.

Play our Whac a “Mole” game

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Some of the rules in short:

* You can play the game as often as you want within the provided timeframe;
* The base discount is 5%. In other words, everyone will receive 5% discount nevertheless you play the game;
* For every two hits, you will receive an additional 1% discount;
* The maximum discount which can be reached is 30%;
* The maximum reached discount will be saved, eventhough you will reach a lower amount of discount on your next attempt;
* PLEASE MIND; the HIGHEST WON discount can ONLY be used within the given timeframe;
* PLEASE MIND; when the timeframe has expired, any WON discount will be NO LONGER available.

We hope you will enjoy the game as we enjoyed building it. Rest us to say; Good Luck and Have Fun!