Easter promotion announcement

On Thursday, we will launch our Easter Promotion. The
promotion will run from the 2nd of April 12:00 (CET), till the 8th of April 12:00 (CET) . Everyone can benefit from this promotion and will receive a 20% discount.

Please mind that we will launch the Easter Promotion on Thursday 2nd of April around 12.00 CET. Please make sure to NOT update your website, blog, message, etc. before this date.

We’re also announcing the youngest feature of our website: Gift Cards
You can now purchase Gift Cards on our website. Gift Cards are available for every Bucket, with every runtime available. Exactly like normal purchases. Gift Cards are valid for one year.

Gift Card layout examples:
Default Layout

We might not need to state this: But all Gift Cards purchased through your affiliate link are treated like normal orders and thus will be added to your balance!

I’d like to thank you for all your efforts and keep up the great work.