Are you a Fortune Teller?

One of the world’s largest sports events, The Soccer World Cup 2014, is starting in two days in Brazil. Four years ago, “El Pulpo Paul” or Paul the Octopus, predicted the World Cup Final in 2010. This year, Walter the Orang-utan, predicted the winner of the top soccer division in Germany, the Bundesliga. Though, the ball juggling Walter seems to have stage fright and isn’t predicting the World Cup.

Since, we were unable to find any other trustworthy animals, we decided to call out and let you predict the World Cup Final. Do you know the secret behind “El Pulpo Paul”? Join the competition, predict the teams and score of the final match and win a lifetime Ultimate Bucket account. Fortune tellers will be fortunate! Let us repeat that:

Predict the World Cup Final and win a lifetime Ultimate Bucket!
Your prediction can only be given in the first week of the World Cup, so be quick and start playing with the big boys. In addition, to our world class offer, we offer you a 15% discount on your next order. This 15% discount offer will be available during the entire World Cup. Also the unfortunate ones can enjoy the World Cup.

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Enjoy the soccer FIFA World Cup 2014 and predict to win!