We have a huge surprise for you!

In the last few months we have been working, in our own Area-51, on a complete new website and a complete re-brand and redesign of UsenetBucket.

we like to call it, our sand castle was about to collapse due to the fast
growth of customers. We needed something new and stable, so we build a
sky-scraper. We would love to tell what we have changed, but that would
lead to a story without an end. We would rather tell you what we haven’t

Yup, correct, we have changed everything! For those whom are interested, we have created a summary to show (off 🙂 some cool numbers and facts:

View our cool numbers

In our new website we have integrated 47 requests of our customers. We would like to thank you for that!

A change like this can’t pass by without celebrating it. Therefore, you will find a surprise in your brand new, fully upgraded Control Panel.

In addition to our brand new website, we have brought our Customer Support Team to the front. Moreover we now have a Mobile Control Panel for iPhone and we have introducted UBCAP, our Customer Advisory Panel. With UBCAP you can help us to improve our service in exchange for free days of UsenetBucket. Apply for UBCAP today!

Once again, thank you for all of your input. We would love to welcome you to our new website.

Have a great day!