It’s finally here: Automatic Payments

Ladies and gentlemen,

Thanks to you, our customers, we would like to announce a new, much requested feature: PayPal recurring payments. You inspire us to create, implement and think of features for your convenience. Simply because we like you and value customer statisfaction.

As of today you can enable your subscription to be auto-renewed. Simply go to your User Control Panel, select the period below the subscription you would like to auto-extend and click on subscribe!

Recurring payments get 5% discount, lifetime!

There is another great extra for you! On every recurring plan, we offer a 5% discount for each transaction. So that’s double the fun! No more paying every period and getting a discount of 5% on every payment. Isn’t that a happy start of the Fall season?

We also love to hear what else you have to say about us, our service or our features. You want to spill some feedback or want to tell us what you like? No problem, we-just-love-feedback! Please fill in a testimonial in your customer panel and you’ll receive a 20% discount on your next order.

Fill in a testimonial and receive 20% off

That’s it for now. Once again, thanks for helping us improve our service and stay tuned for other improvements!

Have a lovely day!

Esmée de Reijke