Fixed: Troubles with Yahoo Email!


It seems like we’ve fixed all the troubles that we had with Yahoo! It took longer then we expected, but atleast it’s fixed now! Please keep us updated if you experience any e-mail traffic issues!

Again, sorry for the inconvenience and we hope that our service department did a great job on replying to all those lost e-mails!

Have a shiny day!

Benjamin de Bos

Hey there!

Currently our hosting network is facing serious issues with the Yahoo Email system. Somehow the Yahoo email network is not reachable by our servers. Weve contacted Yahoo about that and theyre working on the problem.  The issue should be resolved at about 23:00 CET.

You can still register with your Yahoo e-mail address. If you wont receive any email regarding your registration, please contact [email protected]. Well make sure you get the emails within the hour!

Were sorry about the inconvinience it might cause or have caused and were trying our best to fix this!

Have a shiny day!