Get rich or die tryin’

Today we are launching a way to get you easy money, we are launching an affiliate program. With this program you can use your own website, blog, Facebook page, Twitter account or where ever you want to generate easy money.

What do we offer?

We offer a recurring 20% payout system! On every order that has been placed trough your banner, you will receive a 20% commission! With enough promotional material available to get you started, it will be easy to set up. If a user registers with your personalised affiliate link, the users will ALWAYS stay linked to you. This means that even when this users doesn’t use your banner or link on his next order, you will still receive a commission!
A stunning 20% recurring commission! An order of € 100,- will result in € 20,- for you!

Make the world a better place!
Even in a digital era we would like to give you the ability to support different charities. If you have made more money then you can spend, you can choose from a couple of charities to donate your money. At this moment we have spoken with multiple charities like: Make a Wish foundation, Doctors without Borders, WWF, Red Cross and a dutch charity called CliniClowns in order to donate money to one of these charities. Since it will be your money we are happy to add a charity which you think is important.Charity Funding possible if you have made more money than you can spend!

Easy setup!

After creating an affiliate account you will be appointed a country manager. By doing so you will get full support in order to get the money flowing. Moreover, you will get access to a backend where you track your banners, view real-time statistics and look up your earnings. With multiple promotional material available it will be just a matter of copy and paste. Furthermore, we are happy to support you with custom banners.

You can easily create an affiliate account by using the following link: Affiliate Program
Sign up today and get €50,- start money!

We would like to wish you a great evening!