Newsletter – January 2013

In the beginning of december, we started our december promo. We asked you to lower the price of our Ultimate Bucket. About 450 users participated in the deal to lower the price to € 32,- for three months use of the Ultimate Bucket.

We would like to thank all the people that participated in lowering the price. Because this number exceeded our expectation, we decided to lower the price even more.

The final price for the Ultimate Bucket for 90 days has become:
€ 26,94 a discount of 31%!!

Right now you can start benefitting from this deal by upgrading your account with the following link: Benefit right now!

How does this work? If you have an Ultimate Bucket subscription, you will get 90 credits added to your account for the above price. If you have another subscription, you will receive an extra bucket added to your account.