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Because we believe in the service we provide we give you the opportunity to try out our best bucket, the Ultimate Bucket for free. You will get a 7 day trial with a 20gb limit. This way you can check out our services and decide if you want to stay with the best Usenet provider of Europe. No creditcard required for a free trial, no automatic renewal!


UsenetBucket Free Bucket

  • 7 Days
  • 400 Mbit*
  • 25 Connections
  • 20 GB Traffic
  • SSL Support
  • 1600 days retention

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Rules in registering a Free Bucket
Every day we get hundreds of requests for a Free Bucket. Knowing this, we will block accounts that transgress the following rules:

  • Using an invalid name;
  • Using a disposable e-mail address;
  • Your request was made from a proxy server;
  • You have requested multiple accounts;
  • The domain used is known for sending spam.